We encourage everyone who participates in GRO rides to take a minute to read through the following. There are a few simple things that we as a group attempt to do to make everyone's day as safe as possible.
For those of you that have not attended a GRO ride or it’s been a while the Ride Coordinator will always have a briefing before the Ride departure. Important information specific to the ride is discussed, so please give your undivided attention during this time.

 – This is where the Ride Leader (wearing a Pink Vest) will point to a corner and the rider immediately behind the lead pulls over and indicates (blinker and hand signals) to the group which direction to go. Once the TAIL END rider (wearing a Orange Vest) comes along they will wave you on to rejoin the ride ahead of them so keep watch. Do not leave your corner until you see the tail rider waving you on. If you don’t want to corner mark don’t feel pressured however, it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t find yourself behind the Ride Leader.

 – Riders are not required to make their way back to the front for the purpose of corner marking. If you overtake slower riders within the group, please do so safely and legally. Under no circumstance is a rider to pass another on their left side.
If you intend to leave the group ride at any stage, please ensure you inform the ride leader or tail end of your intentions and where possible do so before the rest of the group to avoid confusion.

Please feel free to invite your friends to join us. Everyone is welcome as long as they treat our group with respect and follow our group guidelines.


  • Make sure you have a full tank of fuel before leaving the meet point.
  • Please wear safety gear including helmet, gloves, jackets, boots and long pants.
  • We always have a lead rider, tail rider and corner markers.
  • Please make yourself aware of the route prior to attending. It makes it easier and less stressful if you know where you are going.
  • If new to our group, look out for Committee Members wearing a name badge who can answer any questions.
  • Learners and less experienced riders? If you would like an experienced buddy for the ride, let us know, it is what we do. All riders and pillions are welcome. Learners and P-platers included. We will always ride to your level of experience.
  • If you’re not a financial member of Girls Ride Out we simply ask that you sign our waiver or you can grab a membership form and join up on the day.

 If you wake on ride morning to grey skies make a call based on your own riding ability whether to attend. If the weather looks inclement check Facebook around 8am to see if the ride has been cancelled. The ride will only be cancelled if weather is severe.
Ride Safe and Keep Well